Wedding Tips

Bride's Checklist

There's a lot to remember when it comes to planning your special day. We want to make sure your Wedding Stationery order is perfect. Here's our check list and tips on what to remember. 

  1. Correct quantity plus 25 extra in case you forgot someone (it's very costly to reorder 25 later)
  2. Does invitation copy contain the time, place and date of the ceremony?
  3. Ink color
  4. Lettering style number
  5. Colored lining for inner envelopes
  6. Decorative bows, ribbons, wraps or satin bands
  7. Return address on invitation envelopes
  8. KwikSeal Self-Sealing outer envelopes
  9. Envelope Seals
  10. Check all spelling
  11. Reception cards
  12. Response cards
  13. Address on response envelopes
  14. Informals or Thank You Notes
  15. Return address on informal or Thank You Note envelopes
  16. Wedding Announcements
  17. Programs
  18. Menu Cards
  19. Save-the-Dates
  20. Bookmark Favors
  21. Napkins
  22. Matches
  23. Personalized Favor Ribbons
  24. Place Cards
  25. Cake Boxes or Favor Boxes
  26. Bridal, Reception and Ceremony Accessories
  27. Re-check all spelling and dates

Envelope Etiquette

Couples sometimes struggle to make clear whether children or plus-ones are included in a wedding invite. Proper addressing etiquette should eliminate the mystery.

Outer and Inner Envelopers

With a two-envelope suite, the outside envelope (top) is addressed to the primary guests only, regardless of additional invitees. The second envelope reveals more, either including (above) or not (above, left) children's first names or the phrase "and guest."

Single Envelopes

If the invitation suite includes just one envelope, all invitees should be specifically mentioned, including children's names or "and guest."